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02-16-2013, 03:44 PM
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Not to kick a dead horse, but I also suspect that the role of the coach as a development hinderer is severely overblown in general. Prospects who have been misused will not be successful in the short term, sure. But to imply that necessarily every misuse permanently damages the prospect (without the prospect having any agency whatsoever in the matter) seems entirely too simplistic to me. Perhaps that's why people like it as an explanation? Either way, if that was truly the case, then players like Neal should not have been able to rebound after their trades and players like Alexandre Daigle (who were given tons of opportunity and still couldn't develop) just shouldn't happen.

I dunno. But considering the fact that the organization has people dedicated to conditioning, a developmental director who is an incredibly respected NHL vet, a cap department, a skating coach, and a farm team synced closely to the big club, one wonders at what point we can admit when players just don't improve and that's on them?

What more should an organization do to develop players that the Pens aren't doing? Well, besides letting HF dictate the line-up and ice-time?

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