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02-16-2013, 04:32 PM
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As you know, I say that KHLs marketing etc is not ideal, needs to be improved. On the other hand I understand problems, know why can not be fixed immidiatelly.

KHL lacks business acumen, NHL have their HNICs while KHL fans are left with grand total 0 games on Saturday evening.
HNIC - is that Hockey Night in Canada? If yes, it is not NHLs product but CBCs. KHL TV tried to develop similar show, did not work. Announcers/journalists are not so experianced. You can watch this show at khl website and compare (Liga PS, Probros). Every russian/slovak/latvian etc broadcaster can develop such show, KHL will welcome it. I wrote it earlier, Sport TV does not have pre/post game show from Slovan(Lev)s games. Even during intermission. The same Nova Sport. Do I blame KHL for that? No, I blame Sport TV/Nova Sport.

I can not speak about russian sport/hockey tradition,but there must be a reason why hockey games are not so often during weekends. Maybe is russian soccer league played? You know, tv rankings. NHL does the same with major sports. Native russian can tell details, I really dont know. Maybe schedulling is a reason?

I cant speak russian. Thanks for the links provided anyway. Maybe KHL should also improve communication with non-russian speakers ? Slovakia has no team in NHL and they provided slovak language version of site, thats another room for improvement for KHL.
You can not speak russian. How can you judge KHL? That is a problem of many slovaks. They have limited informations about KHL. They dont know context. Of course, not everybody.

Did NHL have its website in slovak in 5th year of its existence? No. Yes, not fair argument. KHLs website needs improvement, in many areas. Why should KHL waste money/resources/time/employees working time to develop slovak version of website, if there are other areas which needs to be improved? It reminds me this: Imagine that KHL would order to club to build new arenas until 2014. All clubs would pay less money to players... clubs would have great modern arenas but no player to play in. All russians would move to NA minors, foreigners not interested in KHL due to salary. IMO it would be not the best attitude of KHL.

English version of KHL website has improved this season. Nowadays everybody speaks english. Btw, I would not be suprised if KHL website in chinese appeared earlier than slovak. Market.

Ive never blamed Russia for lack of HD tv games, I was actually angry over NO tv transmission/NO stream. Heck I would be happy even for analog quality games, or even black/white, so badly I wanted to see that Spartak away game.
I said everything on this topic. KHLs main market is Russia, cope with it.

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