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Originally Posted by KnightSpit View Post
Hey Randy, the guy in the Crowd can yell all he want, the last laugh is with Hunter, who's team unlike the OTTERS will make the playoffs and probably win the OHL Championship and onto a memorial cup, not to mention Dale is the owner of the most sucessful and VALUABLE $$$$ OHL Franchise ever. Players dream of being drafted to the Knights. Also London is really just taking it easy right now, until the playoffs, If the SPITS collapse then yeah Erie maybe has a chance but otherwise battle for the basement. Any Otters experts disagree?, also McDavid is a top notch palyer, but if they do not make the palyoffs again next year, do you guys think he will stick around ? The Knights will take him in a second, but then again Dale having taken Washington as far as he did in last years playoffs, probably would be a lousy coach Right ? Good luck Man.
a lot of Otters fans love to hate the knights and Hunter that is what makes for great rivalries. Ask the Great 8 what he thinks of Mr Dale.
The London page on here made a vague reference to a Thurs concert that a few knights may or may not have attended... after all they were playing the lowly Otters Friday.

Mr Mc David will be here until he is in the N H L .
and if i am not mistaken the season series between the Otters and Knights this year is hmmmm ?? 2 and 2 ??

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