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02-16-2013, 05:05 PM
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So this is going to maybe be a silly question...but how are Mitchell and Chase Sakic doing in hockey?

Googling around, I thing I see some stats for Mitchell in high school hockey and Chase in "Squirt A" whatever that is. Just wondering if there's any word on them being good?

In my googling I see both of them wear 19

I also see Mitchell's twitter account that has a banner at the top, a picture of Boston celebrating in front of Luongo and the saying "What time is it Vancouver? 12 past Luongo" lol.

Edit: Don't like seeing this on his twitter though..."Mitchell Sakic ‏@Hockeygod1996
Why the ******* I am still in colorado when I could be living In Vancouver #peopleactuallycareaboutthegreatestsportonearth"

It wasn't censored on there by the way.

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