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02-16-2013, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Malarowski View Post
Additional question on this, do I need a special helmet for this one, or would it fit on a Easton?

Basically, are cages standardized in how they attach?


I looked around and found this for all those interested:

Looks mostly standardized size.
Hmm, I believe different people in different positions will tell you different things. I'm sure some will tell you that the only cages compatible with certain helmets have to be of the same brand, while others might add on that certain cages are compatible with every helmet.

Cages are standardized in that the hardware is generally interchangeable, however fit may vary as certain cages might be a bit shorter/narrower etc. Remember that a cage is sized to one's face and not to the helmet size.

What Easton helmet do you have?

Obviously it would be best to install and try it on before buying.

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