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02-16-2013, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by JetsTrueNorth View Post
I'm not too sure why so many people are happy to toss Postma away so soon. The guy is young and yes he's made a few mistakes (keeping the puck in the offensive zone). That being said, the guy is big, skates well and has a powerful shot that will only get better. I'd argue that Redmond holds less value to us. He's smaller than Postma, doesn't possess the powerful shot and takes stupid penalties repeatedly.

As for the people wanting to dump Burmi.....what Jets games have you been watching???? This guys motor never stops, and he's the teams best skater by far. Give Burmi some time, and he'll do good things.

Guys that are unnoticeable and can be dumped: Hainsey, Wellwood, Antropov, and Little.

It's not that anyone wants to "dump" him away, just that he is the most redundant player on our team, and holds the most value. Offensive minded RHD is extremely crowded on the Jets and Postma is the least essential to our lineup, while still fetching a good value in return. I'd be more than happy with keeping him as well if that's the way Chevy plays it.

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