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Originally Posted by Eyes of Orpik View Post
Okay, I understand you guys are pissed, but this is ridiculous.

Nothing worked for Mario, he spoke out on a more serious issue. Head shots.And Cooke being a guy known for them, him and Shero sat down and told him that his play at the time was unacceptable and if he didn't change he would be off the team.

He also has tried to reach out to Karlsson, but his texts were not answered.

Matt Cooke's response shows respect and class, even after Melnyk "ripped" him.

I do feel sorry for Karlsson and you Senators fans, but your teams management is not being very professional or mature.
Mario spoke out on head shots after Crosby was injured. He was called out for his hypocrisy in lecturing the league while he employed the most vicious goon of the lot, Matt Cooke.

Instead of letting Cooke go, he had a talk with him and now evidently Cooke is trying to avoid head shots, it seems he has branched out somewhat.

Whatever Cooke said to Karlsson in his text, it was reported that he did not apologize and as Karlsson has been convinced from the get go that it was done deliberately, there is reason for him to respond.

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