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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
nothing really of much interest to discuss here. A disallowed goal, a referee's error... I don't see how much of a reasonable debate can come out of a disallowed goal. It was a long time ago. The only thing I remember of the 91 CC was that it was Eric Lindros' coming out party. Have fun, but I'll be ignoring this useless thread. (personal opinion)
Ignore if you want - you know the Truth now (and everyone else will around the world - Youtube) and that's all I need.

Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Thank you for posting the video. Now, I agree that the goal puck probably completely crossed the threshold, though just barely. That said, the video is not conclusive due to the terrible angle. It doesn't look like the ref had a very good angle either. The refs undoubtedly did prefer Canada, but this non-goal is not exactly proof of collusion as you have stated.
It's called the "Labatt Canada Cup" run by a Beer company - with North American Ref's, on small ice.

I could see (and many others) that collusion is a valid point. 1972*-1987*-1996* in Canada Cups & 2008*-2011* for World Championships Russia-Canada games had well known major ethical issue(s).

The referee (as the announcers said) that he had a perfect view. He saw the goal going in and waived it off (NO REASONING GIVEN* and NO VIDEO REPLAY*)

So CTV Crews only have Video-Replay technology? lol Or they didn't want to Review because they already knew it went it.

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