Thread: Speculation: Shake-up?
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02-16-2013, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Dicdonya View Post
This is what I have been screaming from the rooftops whenever I can, this team has gone waaaaay too defensive, and now they cannot score goals. The team was flying the eff around earlier this year and has just gotten tighter and tighter as the weeks have passed to where now they cant barely make a pass without pissing their pants that they might make a turnover.

Everyone gets really mad a thornton and clowe for turnovers, but which clowe and thornton were better, the turnover machines of the past who scored crap tons of points, or the "looking for the right time" passers they seem to have become. Clowe obviously has other issues as well, but damn thornton was between the legs passing and all other kinds of crap earlier in the year, have not seen any of those recently. He has reverted to his, sit along the wall, with noone around him because he wont shoot, and then just dump it down low or to the point when someone finally forces him .
True. Too many trying to pretend they are Couture or Joe and Patty and trying to carry the puck in the offensive zone and, not being overly skilled they end up leading to a silly pass or loss of the puck.

Thornton and Patty, like all stars every year, are in a slump and will break out of it at some point. Clowe on the other hand..........

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