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02-16-2013, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Roadrage View Post
Detroit - Played good but only faced 6 shots in 1 period and didn't have to face a powerplay.
Columbus - Played good but you would expect him to when facing worst team in NHL.
Vancouver - Played well until floodgates opened in 2nd period and defence failed terribly.
Minnestoa - Best game he played I thought.
Dallas - Played a decent game but agreed with bad goal and shaky puck control.
St. Louis - Horrible opening 4 minutes. 2 goals on 4 shots before getting yanked.

I understand everyone wants to give Irving more opportunities but he wasn't even good enough to be the backup for the Heat but expect him to be a starter now in the NHL? What is wrong with giving either Brust or Taylor a go? I know that stats in the AHL don't always translate to the NHL but they've been brick walls down there and are numbers 1 and 2 with below 1.90 GAA.
Ward likes his type of guys hard nosed veterans, Irving didn't fit into that and was left in the press box because of it, they play a very different system in the ahl the numbers aren't a good indicator of who is the best. Irving has played well in the nhl unlike Brust he has time to learn in the nhl Brust is just about 30. I don't think giving Taylor a shot is a bad idea by why can't they both play and we let Macdonald stay on waivers?

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