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12-18-2003, 07:58 AM
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Man, at this point, I could almose swear that Melrose and Parm are being told by the ESPN brass to talk up the Rangers as a playoff team. ESPN's obsession with New York and the west coast teams is just sickening. They broadcast bunches of games featuring the Rangers and then wonder why ratings are so low for hockey.

No offense to the Rangers, but they're just not playing a fun brand of hockey right now. ESPN is so afraid we Americans simply won't watch a Canadian club--I guarantee you one broadcast of an Ottawa/Toronto smackdown match and ratings would go up. They've even tried some lame advertising campaign to try and capitalize on our supposed jingoism. "ESPN Hockey, Made In America, Delivered On Thursdays."


I'd like to think Melrose and Ferraro know their stuff--that's why I think they're being coerced. Heck, even players on the Rangers roster don't think they're playoff-worthy right now.

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