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02-16-2013, 07:13 PM
Gene Parmesan
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Originally Posted by Dicdonya View Post
Im not even worried about silly passes or losing the puck if its because they are actually trying to make a play. It pisses me off that we get silly passes and turnovers after having cycled to puck for 30 seconds and just running out of time and space, and having not attempted even once in that 30 seconds to shoot the damn thing or even try to get it to someone who COULD shoot the puck.

All the friggin holding up about 10 feet into the zone and then dumping a pass back to the defender whos not really ready for it has to stop too. Either dump it deep or dump it on net, dont dump it literally 5 feet backwards when there is an opposition player on your ass, thus handicapping your own defender and allowing the other team to get back and into position for when that defender makes a rushed pass somewhere.

Also I really think clowe has been affected hard by the coaching, or really the players have just lost all creativity, I remember clowe used to love being along the boards in a cycle and then just randomly no look shooting the puck on net from the boards, he scored a decent amount off those and definintly caught some defenders and goalies off guard for someone else to put the puck away into the back of the net. I have yet to see clowe try that even once this year, not sure if thats on him, or if hes been "coached" not to try that play.
I am truly getting sick of how slow the team plays. Its not so much foot speed..its that they glide instead of moving their feet. This team isn't overly fast but they can certainly play faster than they have shown. TMac talks about it..the team talks about it yet all you see is sloppy passes, slow breakouts and puck movement. Something isn't right.

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