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02-16-2013, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
There was an article last year about Sutter taking over the Kings. He eased up on the license and also provided them with breakout strategies. He backed off on criticism of failed breakouts that were a result of taking chances with his strategy. That is offense not defense. The Kings were heavy into the defensive strategy with Murray. The resulting hodgepodge after Sutter came in combined to form the perfect storm.

The year that Boston won with a defense first team was when they had Ramsay and Julien chose or was forced to choose to cut loose with guys like Seguin and Marchand who were certainly not playing defense first. Last year they got more conservative and paid the price. Their blueline is beyond conservative.
Right but you are forgetting that the Blues finished 2nd in the conference, the Yotes made it to the WCF, and I think its even fair to point out that the Devils represented the east. I agree with your conservative idea, Tippet prefers blueliners who can move the puck out of the zone over blueliners who are rocks defensively when they don't have the puck. Right now the sharks are having serious problems moving out of their zone.

But yeah the Sharks don't play like the Kings, but I'm not sure they have the manpower to play like the Kings

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