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02-16-2013, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
Look at Duby up north. He by no means broke into the NHL looking like a number 1. But they have stuck with him and slowly he has emerged and looking like he is a legitimate starter. People in this city and on this board inparticular are way to hasty and what have you done for me lately.
The difference is that Edmonton wasn't in a position where they were a contender, or even a playoff team. They accepted the rebuild, and stuck with it. Playing Dubnyk essentially meant losing games, but slowly developing him.

Calgary isn't, nor have they been in the same situation. Giving a backup 20-30 games a season isn't the right move when you're gunning for playoffs, and you have an elite starter capable of 70+ games a year. As long as this team continues to try to compete, we won't see a backup getting the playing time that Dubnyk got. The only way we do see this, is if someone comes along and proves that they can be outplay Kipper (hopefully Ramo). While Kiprusoff has had a slow start, Irving isn't even close to being the goalie Kipper is.

As for him being demoted, giving Taylor or MacDonald a shot at this point can't hurt. This team is here to compete (or try to, anyways). Part of that means letting the best goalie play.

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