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Originally Posted by Montreal Shadow View Post
Except you haven't come up with anything backing up he's so much better than Subban. They're on the same level. What makes OEL so much greater? The idiots in the poll section probably never watched OEL in most cases. A good majority of the board lives in the Eastern Time zone and another good portion lives in Europe. Most of the time when Phoenix plays, it's around 10pm in the East and the game ends at around midnight. I'll call bullcrap if people tell me they stay up to watch Phoenix play. It's even worse for those in Sweden, France etc. They have a 7hrs jet lag from the Eastern Time Zone and a good 10hrs jet lag from the Pacific time zone. When Phoenix plays, it's around the early morning. Do you think people watch Phoenix around 3-8 am?

It's complete rubbish. Most people don't watch him play. They base it all off the hype and popularity the more knowledgeable posters spawn. That and highlight reels.
Sorry but it just doesn't work that way. OEL is largely underrated which is very evident in this thread. Lack of exposure always leads to players being underrated.......stating the opposite is an excercise in silliness.

If you want to make a valid point in defending Subban in that poll then you would be wiser to point out the overwhelming anti-Hab bias on the main boards.

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