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02-16-2013, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Skobel24 View Post
The difference is that Edmonton wasn't in a position where they were a contender, or even a playoff team. They accepted the rebuild, and stuck with it. Playing Dubnyk essentially meant losing games, but slowly developing him.

Calgary isn't, nor have they been in the same situation. Giving a backup 20-30 games a season isn't the right move when you're gunning for playoffs, and you have an elite starter capable of 70+ games a year. As long as this team continues to try to compete, we won't see a backup getting the playing time that Dubnyk got. The only way we do see this, is if someone comes along and proves that they can be outplay Kipper (hopefully Ramo). While Kiprusoff has had a slow start, Irving isn't even close to being the goalie Kipper is.

As for him being demoted, giving Taylor or MacDonald a shot at this point can't hurt. This team is here to compete (or try to, anyways). Part of that means letting the best goalie play.
It's debatable whether Kipper still has the ability to put up an elite performance for that long. And it's a stupid and shortsighted policy to think that because Kipper can play 70 games a season, he should without question do so every season. Because all that does is ensure a tired goalie going into the playoffs, if you even make it all.

Consider Lundqvist with the Rangers who would regularly played over 70 games a season, only to struggle in the playoffs. In the last couple of seasons however, they started playing him less in the regular season, down to a little over 60 games, and all of a sudden, he's doing much better in the playoffs. Look at Brodeur or Thomas, who play 50-60 games in the regular season, but look much sharper in the playoffs.

The reality is, this franchise is run by individuals bereft of common sense or foresight who demand instant results but are too stupid and inept to figure out a way to get them. Okay, it's pretty obvious they've never had any real faith in Irving at any point in time. But do they go out and acquire a legitimate veteran back-up, one that they could depend upon for any length of time, whether through trade or free agency? No, they do nothing.

I think people need to recognize that this organization has no idea what they're doing. They're throwing pens at a wall and hoping somethings sticks. From a long-term perspective, the very best thing that could happen at this point is Iginla asking for a trade, Kipper retiring at the end of the season and Ramo re-signing in Europe or looking miserable if he comes here.

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