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02-16-2013, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by bobo8192 View Post
Yup, and if this happens it will mark the death of Hartford Hockey. The last years of the Wolf Pack days they were drawing dangerously close to under 4,000 per game. A lot of bad blood between the Whalers fans in the area and the Rangers. This would be the nail in the coffin.
nope, and I'll tell you why, Baldwin's fallacy, of the rebranding mid-season, is what turned off the fanbase, once the celebratory outdoor game @ Rentschler, is what is keeping the fanbase away from XL, bobo8192, when Baldwin and WSE got the marketing rights, and then proposed that, that went over like a lead balloon because no business rebrands its franchise 2 months into a season.... XL needs to be replaced at some point fairly soon also.

AEG was allowed to keep the status quo but even they have a conflict of interest, (Manchester)....

nobody I know of liked the rebrand mid-season, I'm glad MSG renewed the domain name, TBH.

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