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Originally Posted by Skobel24 View Post
There is a difference between what he is capable of now, and what he WAS capable of. There is a reason Irving didn't see as much time in the NHL as some goalies at his age have.
It's actually pretty clear he hasn't had the ability to put up a consistent elite performance game in, game out for 70+ games a season for sometime know. Going all the way back to when the Flames made the playoffs with Playfair and Keenan. He struggled against Detroit (although so did the whole team), struggled against the Sharks to the point he was pulled in game 7, and again struggled with the Hawks. Under Brent Sutter, there were always a few periods where he would completely breakdown.

Goalies don't all develop similarly but the one thing they all need is the opportunity to play. The Flames are too shortsighted to even give their own prospects that opportunity.

This was something Calgary tried to fix on numerous occasions. We didn't have a young goalie who was capable enough, so Sutter went the FA route. Unfortunately, few of them actually worked out (If any).
I think saying the Flames tried to fix this is a stretch. Few young goalies are capable of playing one game a month and still put up a consistent performance. Even Schneider struggled mightily when he was first called up to the NHL. All the Flames have tried is quick or cheap fixes.

Darryl stuck with McElhinney even though it was obvious no one had any faith in him. Then he goes out and acquires Karlsson, but again, the team has no faith in him. Then they go with Irving, but make sure to shatter any confidence he might have had first.

The Rangers went out and acquired Biron to back-up Lundqvist. The Devils brought in Hedberg. The Penguins signed Vokoun. Those guys are legitimate back-ups and are paid accordingly. Expecting consistent top-notch goaltending from a backup playing a game a month for less than 1M per season is entirely unrealistic.

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