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12-18-2003, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
Apperantly you didn't read my original post.

Value wise, the deal isn't bad.

However, you consider the fact that the team didn't get a player that can improve the team now.

Don't give me the Oates stuff. He was aquired before Comrie, and was not part of the trade. That's like saying, 'Ales Hemsky, Jared Stoll, MA Bergeron, Jeff Woywitka, 1st and a 3rd is not good enough for Mike Comrie!'. Besides, it's not like Oates has done a whole lot to improve the team (yet at least).

As for Ricci and Fahey, well, I think Fahey is about as good as Woywitka, and a guy like Ricci is much more valuable than the picks. Especially considering he'll likely be making more around $2 million next year (or the year after, whenever the CBA is finished), which is closer to what he should be making. Futhermore, it'd improve the team in the here and now better than the 4 assets above.
Oates was acquired when it became very apparant that Comrie wasn't going to be an Oiler, and that the Oilers weren't going to get a top 6 forwad or top 2 defenceman for him.

Ricci is wonderful, but he isn't a top 6 forward. He is a checking line centre, and the last thing the Oilers need is another "checker". Also, Ricci is a UFA, and like you mentioned (when it was convinient for your arguments), we really don't know what the new CBA will hold.

Fahey may be better than Wyowitka, but is he substantially better than Bergeron? Not too sure about that, so in the end, it is a deal, Comrie straight up for Ricci...

And this sounds reasonable to you?

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