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02-16-2013, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
Thornton doesn't shoot that much because of his playstyle and where he is positioned on the ice. Changing the way you've been playing your entire career isn't easy to do.
Thornton is the go-to-guy because he's the best player on the Sharks. When he's not the best player on the team anymore, he won't be the go-to-guy anymore. No player will have a problem with that. You aren't asking him to change the way he plays. The only thing changing is his minutes.
They really aren't the same at all...

And if anything, your Keenan point helps mine (though I never outright said no one is telling him to shoot, maybe just no one is advocating it as strongly as we're making it out to be). Keenan coached Boston for 1 season. During that 1 season, Thornton had 37 goals.
Saying no player will have a problem being told they aren't the go-to guy or being told they aren't the best is simply inaccurate. There are very few players that are able to put their ego and pride to the side after being told that by their own team. These guys make a living by playing with something to prove and that kind of thing is not always going to go over well. And when you're Thornton and the offense runs through you handling the puck then being told you aren't the go-to guy anymore is definitely asking him to change his game.

And no, Keenan doesn't help your point because he still didn't shoot the puck that much. We're talking 181 shots that year which is about half a shot per game over his average.

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