Thread: Speculation: Shake-up?
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02-16-2013, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by murdock1116 View Post
What does Marleau have to do with anything?

Bottom line is Thornton HAS modified his game over time, which suggests he would be willing to accept a different role. (If we are assuming our in game examples have anything to do with player psychology, which is kind of silly in its own right)
That's your interpretation of how things have played out. It took a very long time to get the defensive element into Thornton's game but he hasn't changed on what his tendencies are offensively and none of them involve shooting the puck Just because there is one evidence of change doesn't suggest anything. The body of work is more important to me and his body of work does not lend to a willingness to change in my opinion.

What a player does in game that becomes habit and tendency is a part of player psychology. I don't know how that would be deemed as silly.

Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
Can we just agree that both players have their faults but that nobody here is actually in the locker room with them so arguing over something that neither party has any concrete evidence about is stupid?
I think Thornton has said enough over the years in quotes for anyone to come to their conclusions about it.

Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
Thank you. They are two completely different points...

Well yeah. There is no concrete evidence that Thornton has an ego, so I don't know why PF is so adamant that he has a huge one and won't like not being the go-to-guy...
And I simply disagree with that.

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