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02-16-2013, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Tim Erixons Dad View Post
Well maybe he should've played better than Taylor or Brust, that would've been a great first step. But he didn't.
How could he have played better than Brust or Taylor if he wasn't even given a fair shot to play?

It's odd how you keep sweeping the fact that he was declared the 3rd stringer, behind Brust and Taylor, before the AHL season even started under rug.

Despite this the Flames gave him a chance in the NHL. Still didn't work out.

How people can just brush this aside as poor asset management when this guy has been performing so poorly for the past 12 months is beyond me. You guys want to see him succeed so badly that you can't see that he's not ready and that he shoulders plenty of blame for this.
Because it's entirely not true no matter how much you try to interject your own bias and desire for Irving to fail in place of actual facts. He was no way near as bad as you suggest, or your expectations of goalies is entirely unrealistic.

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