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02-16-2013, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Docgonzo View Post
If we are talking NHL proven Bernier has proved more than Nino
This just isn't true. In 55 games Nino has scored one goal. His job is to score goals in part and so he has yet to establish that part of his game on any credible level. Now I love Nino and would absolutely consider him in a deal for JB but your statement isn't correct at all in my opinion.

Where JB has played in fewer NHL games as a back up during his young career, he has posted respectable numbers.

GP 46
Wins 22
Losses 14 (discounting the four games that he came in as a replacement)
Ties 5
SO 5
GAA 2.12
SV% 909

The first dozen games of his career where spent playing for a team that had yet to develop its defence to the level that won it the cup or that it is today.

JB has not only proven that he can play at the NHL level but he has also proven that given the starts he can win. His numbers aren't great but they aren't terrible at all and given the circumstances I believe that they are actually very good.

Considering that JB as a back up is called in when the starter poops the bed (like his first game of this season and has happened in 4 of his other 14 losses) his numbers are actually very good.

I am not saying that JB is a red hot and ready to conquer the world young goalie today, only that he is truly ready to be a starter in the NHL and has shown that he gets better and better every time he is allowed to play as one.

Of course the entire thing is arguable and we are talking about two very good young prospects in Nino and JB but to say that JB has only proven as much as Nino as of today just isn't right to me.

Now as to value I think that they are close to the same in value or at least close enough to where claiming one is significantly more valuable than the other would be at best arguable.

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