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02-16-2013, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Horseradish View Post
Brind'amour was never THE go-to guy on his team, whereas Richards has been in two cities now, both of which were Stanley Cup Contenders.
Brind'amour was the Captain of the Stanley Cup winning Carolina Hurricanes.

Richards was behind Pronger in Philadelphia, and they never won the Cup, while the Hurricanes did.

Richards is not the go-to guy in Los Angeles. He's behind Kopitar, Quick, Doughty and Brown.

Originally Posted by Horseradish View Post
People are choosing (or are too young) to remember Brind'Amour as Captain of a Stanley Cup winner.
People are too young to remember 2006? How old do you think everyone on this forum is? 13?

Originally Posted by Horseradish View Post
Not the fact that he was a second or third liner for most of his career. In Philly, as the primary scorer behind the Legion of Doom line, and in Carolina as an older veteran asked to play a strong two-way game.
As a "secondary offensive player", he scored seasons of 97, 87, and 86 points. He also had back to back 74 point seasons in the dead puck era ('97-'99).

As an "older veteran" in Carolina he scored 82 points in '06-'07.

Originally Posted by Horseradish View Post
Mike Richards has already played 3-4 seasons as an impact 1st liner on very good teams. Last year was an anomaly, and the year Giroux broke out, Richards' last in Philly, he was relegated to a lesser role (but Giroux is one of the top-5 Cs in the league).
Richards has 2 PPG seasons. Brind'amour had 4, and 3 seasons of 70+.

Brind'amour was also superior defensively.

How you came to the conclusion that Brind'amour wasn't an impact first liner but Richards was is beyond me.

Originally Posted by Horseradish View Post
By the time it's all said and done, Richards will have a more impressive impact, assuming he stays healthy and plays well into his late 30s.
Well now it's clear that you haven't even read the OP. It clearly asks: who was the better player in their primes?

The answer is Brind'amour AINEC.

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