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12-18-2003, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
Hey Seachd

Anyways, this assumption you make is what I take issue with. He couldn't? Or you just don't think he could have?

What's to say he couldn't have gotten a top 6 forward or a top 4 defenseman in say, February? Maybe a teams' top line centreman goes down and they need a replacement for the stretch run. You don't think a team like Ottawa would give up a Rachunek or a team like NYI would give up a Mark Parrish to solve those problems?

And speaking of which, Parrish is currently on the block and could be had for even less than Comrie right now (if you listen to NYI media).

Rumour has it Richard Zednik is on the block.

Kristian Huselius might be running out of time in Florida.

Alexander Frolov was rumoured to be on the table for Comrie in late October/Early November.

Those guys are just some examples, there are plenty more. And imagine what might have been opened up down the pike?

Too many of you are too quick to say, 'Lowe couldn't have gotten more'. I notice this attitude often, whenever Lowe doesn't something wrong, somehow it's not his fault, there was nothing he could do. It's not his 'fault' for hiring Craig MacTavish, an inept coach - it's not his fault for giving Mike Comrie a bonus laden contract - it's not his fault that he couldn't get anything more than Marty Reasoner out of the Doug Weight deal.. but I digress.

I can understand some folks liking the value, but if last night against LA prooved anything it's that this team needs help RIGHT NOW more than down the road. And what's to say with a guy like, say, Parrish, that the help wouldn't be there down the road? Parrish isn't retiring any time soon, and he could have been a huge boon to the Oilers power play in front of the net if nothing else. Guys like Rachunek are skilled puck movers who might have been available in a couple months.
You are under the assumption that a team like the Islanders would trade for Comrie if they couldn't get a deal done with him before the trade. Clarke appears to be taking a bit of a risk on this.

Mizral, you really have to take your cranial cavity out of your anal one, and perhaps think about a couple of points that you seem to either ignore, not comprehend, or refuse to acknowledge.

1). Comrie's value would not increase as the season went on. Think about it... if you are a GM, why would you give up a young top 6 forward or young top 6 defenceman for a player who hasn't played in 6 months? It makes no sense to. Also, it's fine to sit there and say what if a team loses their number 1 centre to injury? Mizral, that has already happened several times this year, and there still wasn't enough interest in Comrie. You are also banking on the fact that the team who loses their centre would be a team that Comrie wants to sign with. As it stands now, Comrie is going to need a couple of weeks before he can play, and that time frame takes longer and longer the longer the season goes. No one is going to trade for Comrie at the deadline, because he would be useless then. The next time his value would be equal to now would be at the deadline, and maybe Lowe has a move or two in mind now that he can make with the assets he got in the Comrie deal.

2). Kevin Lowe is not concerned with right now. Lowe, like he has stated countless times, is more concerned about the future than right now. Hell, I am sure Comrie could have fetched a 32 year old who is a UFA this summer, but WTF would that do? The Oilers aren't going to win the Stanley Cup, and while the playoffs are a goal, there is no sense sacrificing your larger plan for a short term, relatively meaningless goal.

You have this irrational, pathetic, petty hatred for Lowe, and I don't understand it. You throw logic and rational thought out the door in an attempt to make your rather useless voice heard. Yeah, Lowe signed Comrie to a bonus laden contract... but he had 2 choices... sign him or let him go to a different team. Not really much of a choice there was it?

Also, your little rumours of who might, or might not be available are rather useless... why? Because Oiler fans heard the same thing about guys like Lupul, Vishnevski, etc... And once again, you are assuming that any of those teams had any interest in Comrie, and Comrie in them. I think Lowe was a little more qualified to make the trade than you are, simply because he knows what and who he had to deal with.

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