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02-16-2013, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by elias026 View Post
Cena lost alot in 2012, he wont get pinned or submit for a very long time
I understand the point you are making. He lost the big matches..but let's not get lost here. His 2012 record was 155-14-7. In 2013 - it's saying he's 17-0 right now (these stats do include house shows).

Important matches he lost:
- TLC 2012: Dolph Ziggler w/ help of AJ
- Wrestlemania: The Rock
- Over The Limit 2012: John Laurinaitis :
- Summer Slam - CM Punk (Triple threat with big show)
- Survivor Series - CM Punk (triple threat with Ryback)

- Cena beats Kane in an ambulance match.
- Big Show @ No Way Out in a steel cage match
- Brock Lesnar @ Extreme Rules
- Money in the Bank
- CM Punk Raw 1000 (DQ.. fails to cash in)

Night of Champions: CM Punk/Cena double pinfall

When you really look at it, they even protected Cena in his losses. The only true loss he took was to Rocky. After that - they protected the **** out of him. This is the problem.

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