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02-16-2013, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Luuuongo View Post
But what if Alfredsson asks to go to NYR/VAN only and they're not willing to pay a 1st + more.

Lets say offer is 2nd + fringe prospect or 3rd + average prospect. Are you just going to deny Alfie his request?
Well let me ask you this, then: is it really worth it to have a thread on the Trade Boards titled "Value of: Daniel Alfredsson to Vancouver if Vancouver is one of only two teams Alfie Waives His NMC For"? The answer is: no.

If that's the way it plays out (phenomenally unlikely, but hey, anything's possible, I suppose), then we'll just have to deal with it. We'll end up getting less than he's worth... But speculating on such a specific set of circumstances is really a moot point. It's still far-fetched to assume that he's even considering waiving his NMC, let alone who he'd be willing to waive it for, or for how many teams.

Why don't we create a "Value of: Dan Boyle to Ottawa, because Boyle hypothetically demands to be traded, and will only waive his NTC for the Sens because he's an Ottawa kid and wants to play in his hometown" thread?

Let's not talk about hypotheticals like that until something develops that warrants the discussion.

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