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02-16-2013, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
They are unique players but the "always" that you list above simply isn't true. Also I think maybe you are looking at them at their absolute best and not taking their entire careers into context here.

The thread title is where they rank among all Swedish players all time so club play (both NHL and Sweden count), international play, and playoffs too.

Looking at the poll results either many people think too little of Swedish players or too much of the Sedins (and are overlooking serious less than average points in their resumes).
I never said anything about Sweden.

I'm saying as players and people in the league they are truly unappreciated.

They have been key members on the Swedish Olympic teams, including the one that won gold in 06. Aside from that, they have never really been avaliable for international events.

People forget they played on the mens World Championship team as 18 years olds, and that they were stars in Modo.

And you say I forgot about there entire careers, but to me there early struggles only show there heart and character. They didn't put up great stats. But they were really criticized and treated strictly by Crow. Then never gave up, never went away to Sweden.

They worked hard on there game, and broke out as elite players 25 years old. Usually the age players reach there prime, no?

Since then they have been PPG players in this league and have consistently carried the Canucks scoring.

People say they aren't great playoff players. But I beg to differ in a big way. They were near PPG players in our 2011 run, (Daniel had 20 in 25, Henrik had 22 in 25) And the prior 2 playoff years (10 and 09) They were both PPG or above PPG.

They are tough, they are responsible defensively, they are extremely loyal, extremely hard workers, loaded with character, leaders, and everyone who has played with them says they are the best people they have ever played with.

Truly unappreciated. Can't wait to see 22 and 33 hanging in the rafters one day, aswell as watch with with pride when I see them inducted into the HHOF.

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