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Originally Posted by lawrence View Post
Don't argue with hardvan123. He hates Vancouver Canucks. It's quite obvious in the Schroeder vs MPS thread.
Man people throw hate out there way too often. I'm a fan of the Canucks but I'm a bigger fan of hockey and try to look at things objectively as possible. Too many people on these boards are like the "typical (put your home team here) fans" when asked each year which team will win the SC they will say their own, basically because they are fans of that team.

Look blind emotion like that is great, it's why the Owners of the Canucks rake in the huge dough" but it's no replacement for reasoned thought and logic on here either.

Also some people seem to forget about they both won an art ross trophy. The only brothers in NHL history to pull this off.
So that's a great trivia answer as so few brother pairs have ever played in the NHL.

Just for fun the Hull, Richard and Howe families are held in higher regard but both our trivial points really have nothing to do with the topic at hand do they?

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