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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
When I first saw him play, I was 11. When people mention their favorite childhood player. He was mine.
I don't think it was the injury or anything like that. After the lockout, the refs started calling the games VERY tightly. Players backed off, which created a lot more space. Offensive players (especially smaller offensive players who would have been NHL tweeners in the clutch and grab era), racked up the points in 05-06 and (to a lesser extent) 06-07. The refs quickly started letting more and more go, which brought point totals back down to earth and made some guys (like Prucha) ineffective.

Prucha was my favorite Ranger after the lockout as well, but once he lost that extra bit of space he had (particularly since he really couldn't make his own space), he just didn't have the time to get his shot off--thus the plummeting point totals.

And incidentally, when Snowblind was 11 and Bob Richards was 3, I was 17, so I don't want to hear any "OMG I'm so OLD" comments out of you, whippersnappers. Hahaha

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