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02-16-2013, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
There are a ton of nhlers that have had their nhl jobs stolen by rookies if we are only going by past success lets just sign Hasek.

In fact last year Macdonald didn't even have significant better numbers than Irving.

He made several big saves in 1 game so did Irving, the fact is Macdonald didn't look any better than Irving has in the majority of his games in the nhl.

This is the same sort sightedness this team always has with prospects, we always take the decent vet versus trying do make our own prospects into something better then the decent vet.
I'm going to come out and say you've seen 2 Joey Mac games his entire career. One was from last night, and another might be when he played Calgary a bit ago lol.

Calm down fan fav, this is not going to kill Irving. If anything it should push him, hell, I see 4 prospects about the same age as him in the system that are kicking some major ass. Should light a fire under his ass. Not like Calgary's ritually killing Irving at center ice to win a game bro. Calm down.

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