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02-16-2013, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Then why are you discussing the value of what the return would be in a a hypothetical scenario like this?

I think of ANYONE here, as a Vancouver fan, you'd know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of such a proposal, what with all the "Luongo only has one choice: to the Leafs, so we're only going to offer you MacArthur and a 3rd rounder for him. Deal with it." nonsense that Leafs fans trumpeted for like 6 months...
That hypothetical scenario had Alfie being interested in only two teams, not only two teams interested in him. Nice!

Originally Posted by Manked View Post
Are you for real bud?

Alfie's not going to go out and say trade me no matter what. He's going to say if there's a move that will help the team and give him a shot at the cup then do it. Stop pretending that there's a realistic scenario where a team can get him by lowballing an offer. Drop whatever is in your mind value wise, and look at the past 3 years in terms of UFA players and what they got. Campoli, Moore, etc, all got 2nd round picks. Gaustad got a 1st. His value is at least a first round pick. If you're not willing to pay that, then you don't get Alfie.
Are you for real bud?

Alfie's not going to go out and say trade me no matter what. He's going to to politely request for a chance to win the cup. This is a chance to help Ottawa improve AND help Alfie chase a cup. Toronto offers a 1st and Rangers offer a 2nd + prospect. Sure, the 1st is better, but TO either will just miss the playoffs or be a 1st round knockout. What's the point of Alfie leaving then? Trade him to the team of his choice, even if the offer is slightly less.

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