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02-17-2013, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by battlingBard56 View Post
To be fair, Miller getting run over and the the embarrassing why the team reacted not only sparked them into finally defending one another, but Miller crying enough to the league to make sure goalies were "not fair game". Which let's all agree is ********* if you're going to handle the puck away from the crease. Don't get me started on how goalies can interfere, slash and trip incoming players with no penalty called.

But this is about Josefson. The dude has barely played what equals a full NHL season. Let him make his rookie errors and fall into a slump. It happens. He can't be perfect all the time and when he finally gets out of his slump we'll all probably see a resurgence in his point totals.
People want to be easy on Tedenby? People need to be easy on Josefson too.
Who is ever easy on Tedenby? He get's ripped to shreds by 95% of this board. No one has called JJ a bust/

If Deboer can bench Fayne for a rough game, he should be able to do it to JJ easily.

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