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02-17-2013, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
okay, my new favorite is a Sens fan with an avatar that says '2/13/2013 Never forget'

When they get to 2-13-24 and they're still consoling about it, swing away.

It's truly embarrassing though, and them even bringing in Crosby or the fact the team employs his services after refining his game almost to sainthood compared to the reckless self he use to be is out of this world.

Basically, they lost their one last bit of glimmering hope of a season for just watching the best D-man in the game. I get it. They may need a month or few to get over it. They'll have him back in months. We had to wait much, much longer and we didn't go off that deep, but we still had a glimmer of hope of at least a 2nd round appearance of a playoffs, these guys are already looking at the draft. I think we can relate a tad.

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