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12-18-2003, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Cuiffitelli
I telling you all, that you will be disappointed by this guy's production as a flyer. I hope I am wrong but I feel that a few of you are overvaluing mikes worth.

Edmon plays a more open syetem then the flyers (That does not mean it produces on the scoreboard) and he netted 20 goals in 69 games last year....not bad....but the guy was a minus 18.........Trust me, he is going to struggle for goals under Hitch's system.
I don't think anyone is expecting Comrie to come in here and score 45 goals and put up 90 points next year.

If however you're expecting Comrie to score 22 goals and 55 points, I think you may be pleasantly surprised (well probably not pleasantly, lets say reluctanly).

Comrie will strugle the first month or two, and perhaps the remainder of this year. When players holdout, miss training camp and a number of games, they generally struggle the rest of the year.

I do however expect him to put up 28-35 goals and 65-70 points next season.


Comrie played nearly a month with a broken wrist/hand last year, that severly limited him on the ice.

You point out his -18 last year, but you neglect to mention that he was a team leading +16 the year before, convenient.

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