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Originally Posted by Mathradio View Post
I hate Villanova, not so much because the school is a Catholic school but because they wouldn't answer me about why they don't have a graduate program in physics/astronomy. Or else I would have applied at Villanova and do white dwarf research under Edward Sion, if admitted.
I would be surprised if any schools who would answer an e-mail about why they don't have a graduate program in "Topic X". It's not like an astronomy graduate program is something that every university should have. Additionally, I would be surprised to find very many colleges in urban settings that do offer graduate level degrees in astronomy that aren't primarily theoretical work, due to the simple issue of light pollution.

If astronomy is your thing, check out Arizona State man. Do it. Their acceptance rates are pretty high for undergrads (like 88%!!!) and they're half of what Nova cost even for an out of state student. After 6 months the tuition wouldd drop to 10g's a year. They do A LOT of astromy stuff and you could possibly study under Lawrence Krauss if you got into the graduate program there. I think U. of Hawaii has a program that's decent also, might be worth looking into. I know they have a pretty sick observatory/telescope at the top of the mountain out there at least, so I'd be surprised if that wasn't attached to some school.

There is an effort by the physics society at my school to get our observatory reopened to the public, as well as have some upgrades and repairs put in. We want to convince Neil DeGrasse Tyson to come on down for an afternoon from Manhattan and do a little speaking thing, though I'm sure he charges a fee. Maybe he'll lower it for an event relavent to astronomy that is open to the public and at a college. We'll see.

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