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02-17-2013, 02:16 AM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
So Lavy joins a new team, wins a cup, goes down hill. Lavy joins the Flyers, almost gets a cup, team doesn't get close to it again, and goes down hill. If he's on another team after us, we know what might happen to his tenure there.
How the hell is the man supposed to go uphill from a cup win or a game six in the finals. You can't go anywhere but down.

This team has a weaker roster than when he got here and is underperforming. But it's a team. It's not a K'nex set. It is comprised of real people. The culture that gets developed matters. Consistent personell matters. You can't ever expect to win it all if as soon as you hit a rough patch people start getting fired that don't need to be. Laviolette isn't the problem. This is a .500ish roster right now. They need a couple more players than they have and another year to get back into contention. It would also help if their GM had a plan beyond consistently flying by the seat of his pants. Holmgren has made some ballsy and great moves, but a steadier hand wouldn't be so bad IMO.

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