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02-17-2013, 03:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Hayward34 View Post
I can't believe the criticism that Irving is getting here. His stats may not be the greatest but if you actually watched the games you would realize the amazing saves he has made, regardless if some of the goals weren't great. Just because he was 3rd string in the AHL does not mean he can't play in the NHL. He has proven he could be a solid backup in the NHL and has potential to be the starter in the future for the Flames. It may just be that I'm a HUGE Irving fan, but Joey MacDonald may have the experience, but does not seem any better (in fact he looks worse) than Irving has over the past couple of games.
To be perfectly fair I think you are just a big Irving fan. I haven't watched him much in the AHL, but in the games we've seen up to date, I just don't see the #1 factor there. He makes ok saves but he is so scrambly and all he does most of the time is goes into butterfly and players rip it past him up high. His rebound control is not really good either. I don't think he has made many "amazing" saves though maybe thats because I'm used to seeing Kipper make those kinds of stops. On the other hand I have watched MacDonald for several years since he became the backup in Detroit. Sure he is a 3rd string goaltender, sometimes he really over achieves and people think he looks like a #1 but he can't do it for more than a few games at a time. He isn't nearly as scrambly though and has the experience of facing NHL shooters more.

Irving I think at best becomes a decent backup, probably likely better than Joey even I'd expect, but currently he doesn't have anywhere near the experience level of Joey and I think it really shows. I have not seen ANY game and I've watched all this season with Irving in net, that has led me to believe he has that ability to be a starter. He has little to no big game save ability and that is really key in a starter goalie. The saves that I'm talking about is like Allen's save on Brodie the other night. A flash of higher skill so to speak.

Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
The fact is I don't have a problem with letting Macdonald play or Taylor my problem is the way this team treats its prospects. We expect them to come in and preform better than the veterans or else we send them back down, and all it steams from this idea of playoffs or bust. This team isn't going to give any goalie good numbers so look at past numbers of Macdonald isn't all that useful he played in a great defensive team in Detroit. I am not mad that we are giving another goalie a chance to play some games my problem is as long as this mentality exists we won't develop our own players. For me this is more of an issue with the thought process of the management then it is with this particular player.

This move shows me that we still aren't ready to give our prospects a real chance nor are we taking the state of this franchise seriously. If we were a perennial playoff team that was just looking for a stop gap while Kipper was out Macdonald would make alot of sense but we aren't we are an aging team that is lacking young impacting players, and instead of trying to develop Irving here (where he needs to play to learn to be an nhl goalie) we send him down and will try to patch the position and this means we mostly likely are going to go into next season with all our eggs in the Ramo basket.
My only theory into them not giving Irving is a chance is because they have basically written him off. We have seen tons of goalies that have started off worse and teams just ride them until they get better, but those are almost always in the case where the team is either tanking or they believe the goalie will become better (see Steve Mason previously). I think given the language we are seeing in the crease, I think management no longer has any faith in Irving. It could be a lack of a real chance before or an actual lack of ability, we don't know. But dimes to nickles I bet they only sign Irving next year if he is willing to take a two way deal (assuming his current play doesn't change).

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