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Originally Posted by Profins View Post
Otherwise, seems that 1997 is similar to 1992, by that i mean - lack of good players.
The final roster has been announced for U17 (1996) guys who will go to European Youth Olympics and from 1997 three guys are selected - in defense Gvido Jansons and Kristiāns Rubins, and in attack Mārtiņš Dzierkalis (no wonder as he seems to be the top scorer of Latvian U18 league). So probably these are the best prospects.

Also SK Rīga 1997 is currently second in Saint-Petersburg championship, SK Riga 1996 could only dream about that last year, so we will see how it goes. Still too early to have much information about 97 guys, as I remember only after the last EYOF that we participated in we could assess 94 much better and realized that Rihards Bukarts who played as underager there might be somewhat good. So if we see something good in this tournament from 1997, then we can talk

As regards the U17 roster as such the biggest thing is that Locāns and Bušs have not been selected and that no SK Riga 96 goalkeepers (playing in Saint Petersburg and Latvian league) have not been chosen too. But the coaches (from Pārdaugava) are responsible for the result and we will see how it goes.

Matīss Edmunds Kivlenieks 1996 Prizma/Pārdaugava
Toms Nuka 1996 Prizma/Pārdaugava

Kristiāns Rubins 1997 Prizma/Pārdaugava
Kirils Mitrofanovs 1996 Prizma/Pārdaugava
Jānis Puriņš 1996 SK Rīga 96
Edgars Vīksna 1996 SK Rīga 96
Emīls Eduards Kājiņš 1996 Liepājas Metalurgs
Gvido Jansons 1997 Liepājas Metalurgs
Vjačeslavs Minajevs 1996 EC Salzburg U18

Frenks Razgals 1996 SK Rīga 96
Kirils Galoha 1996 SK Rīga 96
Rodrigo Ābols 1996 SK Rīga 96
Gatis Sprukts 1996 SK Rīga 96
Iļja Žučkovs 1996 Liepājas Metalurgs
Dans Beržanskis 1996 Liepājas Metalurgs
Mārtiņs Dzierkalis 1997 Sāga/Ogre
Dāvis Zembergs 1996 Boston Junior Bandits (EmJHL)
Haralds Egle 1996 Portland Junior Pirates (EJHL)
Augusts Valdis Vasiļonoks 1996 EC Salzburg II
Marks Lazarevs 1996 Pikes Oberthurgau

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