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Originally Posted by makbowles View Post
Freaking Nashville! That's now 5 overtime losses in 15 games. They're screwing us!!!
At least Calgary is making sure we get a pick early in the 2nd

Originally Posted by muzion View Post
I've seen Mantha play 4-5 times this year and have come away unimpressed with him every time. He loses most one-on-one battles, took bad decisions with the puck, and I've seen him more than once charge defensemen from behind, and it was as if nothing happened. They barely reacted. He's got to be the weakest big body player I've seen. Yet he's managed to score pretty much every game I've seen. I wouldn't take a chance on him in the first round, even with all his potential.
So imagine, once he becomes stronger physically, how hard it will be to get the puck away from him. Imagine Eric Staal minus the defensive acumen and center capabilities. That's scary. We don't have anyone coming down the pipe with the same skillset. He scores goals a plenty, he can skate and he can get away from coverage with ease. If he'd hit everything skating, was a genius with the puck and was a center, he'd go 1st overall. He has his weaknesses, but he's a type of guy we need. We can't just spit on him if he's there at 20, let alone 15. A Québecker 6'4 goal scorer? Consider it done if that's what happens

Originally Posted by chaosrevolver View Post
Jordan Subban had a hat trick and an assist for Belleville last night. His goals were of the big shot variety and his assist was on an end-to-end rush.
How does he look playing against bigger forwards? Has he been improving his game? Is he a training freak like P.K.? I've got to say I liked his game at the Prospects game but that's very small sample to evaluate. You know those end-to-end rushes won't cut it in the NHL, but it means he has a scary footspeed, which means he'll be able to move the puck out of the zone like his brother does. But the questions with him aren't puck movement nor offensive potential, but rather physical and defensive.

I believe the knocks on him really are that he's not as big as PK or Malcolm, and that's what might hurt him down the road. I understand Jordan doesn't have the numbers Ryan Ellis had at the same age, but it didn't seem to be a problem (size) for scouts back then. Anyone has seen both in their draft year to compare? Sadly I only saw Ellis play at the WJC, but I remember him being used with PK on the PP solely.

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