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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
I'm sorry, but what you have written here is a load of bunk. Only once did the USSR (or Russia for that matter) win a tournament when Team Canada brought their best players. What made the Soviets great was that they played together way more often than any other national team, with the possible exception of Czechoslovakia. The number of people playing hockey in Canada has always dwarved that of the USSR or Russia and as you would expect Canada's talent pool and skill was always much deeper.

One thing that makes the USSR - Canada rivalry so interesting is that you had one team (Canada) with considerably better individual talent but almost zero experience playing together vs the Soviets who had a very limited talent pool to draw from but almost unlimited team preparation time.

The Soviet teams were great, but not for the reasons you stated above.
Allowing professionals wouldn't have stopped the Soviets from playing together more frequently.

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