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02-17-2013, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Reinhart View Post
While I definitely agree with you on that, there is obviously a reason that Jones is the one being put on waivers. Perhaps he is the most likely 4th liner to be claimed? Seems to me like the Flames are making room for a move.

I definitely like Jones, but in reality he is what he is - and energy player on the 4th line. Better than this linemates, but that is probably the exact reason he is on waivers. Nobody is going to claim Comeau or Begin. I doubt Jackman gets claimed either. Smells like the Flames trying to get one of their contract spots open.
If this is the strategy I have to question the competence of management. Feasted has a terrible habit of leaving contract slots available, then filling them during the season with players with zero upside. In back-to-back seasons Feaster has wasted a contract on Kolanos and Taylor, two career minor leaguers. His decision making and vision for the future is down right awful. Add in the handling of the prospects on the farm and you have a team with no idea what they are doing. This is a team that should be building to the future but is stuck in trying to compete now with aging players at all professional levels leading the way. The future should be looking brighter but it is getting darker as management and coaches continue to focus on trying to win now and not invest in the future. This is a team with no plan and on the verge of being in complete disarray. Disarray will hit when Feaster sits in Iginla and Kiprusoff, rather than trading them, and Iginla signs elsewhere over the summer and Kipper retires, foregoing the final year of his contract. Can you feel it? It's coming. This team is garbage and the temperature is rising.

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