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02-17-2013, 06:44 AM
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I really dont know how to explain it, I tried.

Sport TV has rights to broadcast 30 home games of Slovan and Lev in regular season 12/13, so ideally 15 of Slovan, 15 of Lev. Read Yes, it is not all home games of both teams (26 home games per team). I have no idea why such deal, but respect it. Maybe Sport TV could not efford more? Money issue. Maybe KHL did not offer better deal? Maybe it was 2y deal from previous season in Poprad? You know, pacta sunt servanda. I am sure, that deal will be resigned with better condition. There are rumours since oct/nov. Of course, you have to follow russian media to know it.

I dont agree with slovak etc version of KHL website NOW. costs >>>>>profit As I said, chinese version of website makes more sense because khl wants to expand into asian market, china is biggest country by population, near russian borders - so league/clubs can attract chinese money...I dont know how khl thinks, but I would do it witih 3-5 yrs. Even german version of website makes more sense than slovak - german is more used language, german companies can invest into KHL, expansion here.

I agree with Visnosky´s fine, his words was correctly translated. Believe me, I spoke to a person who translated it.

You have legal opportunity to watch KHL. Majority of Slovan´s games was on tv, KHL game center or huste. You dont care about quality, so enjoy it. Maybe a few games was not available, not a big deal.

I am repeating myself, KHL is not ideal, needs to be improved. I remember KHL 2008/09, it was impossible to watch it. A few games on internet, no slovak tv broadcasted it. Now, KHL improved, very very much.

Just for you, according to my info from serious source, KHL has many employees who speak fluently italian.

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