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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
Well Holmgren went all in on getting Suter,Parise and Weber. By the time it was evident that he had struckout on all 3 we were left with signing Fedotenko and Gervais. Holmgren didnt have a great offseason. Does that make him a horrible GM? No, but he didnt give Lavy the personel to run his system effectively. Everyone was banking on Couturier, Schenn and Read to pick up the scoring slack lost by Jagr leaving and JVR getting traded. All 3 of those players were given bigger roles this season and for the most part all 3 have come up small.
Of course we know why Gervais, Foster and Lilja were brought in, We all know why. But that is a sensitive subject that with some people the reasoning hasnt sunk in yet.
If Homer landed any of those guys everyone would be talking about how good of a GM he is but he didn't. That happens, so he went out and signed solid depth guys/role players like Rusty and Gervais. Ask rangers fans about Fed, when used properly he's still an effective player and Gervais hasn't been good but let's be honest we've had much worse on this team (Randy Jones to name one) so i really don't see them for being 6-9-1. And again when the team is fully healthy these guys are getting limited ice time/roles or don't play at all (Gervais). So injuries, like with every other team in the league, has forced the team to use guys they normally wouldn't or in situations they normally wouldn't. Lavy doesn't have the guys to run his system effectively, thats true, well then change he needs to change to accommodate the players he does have. no team in the league would be ok with a guy who runs his system one way and only one way regardless of personnel/injuries that may occur. my point is the flyers still have plenty of quality players, there is no reason they should only have 6 wins in 16 games. i mean look at the devils for gods sake, they have two solid scoring lines (the flyers have the personnel for this as well) followed by two role playing lines (again no difference), a d-core with no #1 (when fully healthy the flyers have the better defense on paper imo) and a solid goalie (same deal). so at the end of the day the flyers i think have the better line-up when healthy and comparable with some injuries yet one team is atop the eastern conference standings and the other is a few spots away from dead last with 1 more game played.

the young core under performing is hardly the problem. Read is on pace for a 51pt season, Voracek 56 pts, Schenn 60pts, Simmonds 50 pts, Couturier 30pts (these numbers are all prorated). I'm not sure you could expect much more out of those guys with the exception of Couts (which is unrealistic imo). i don't know how that is coming up small. The real problem is Giroux, who is on pace for 51pts and Briere, the 6.5 million dollar man, for just 34pts. You look to those guys to be the leaders as the team vets since hartnell is out and you know one is the team captain and the other wears an A/is a former captain.

Originally Posted by CSKA1974 View Post
Yep. If season is lost, getting a new coach now will allow the team and a coach to gel for a few months before 2013-14 season.

The problem is who is out there to replace Lavi.
Yes, totally agree

Originally Posted by BillDineen View Post
I really don't think a coach will suddenly turn things around. Further, the end result may just be a worse draft pick.

Having said that, bringing in Tocchet as coach and Hextall as GM would give me a bit of nostalgia. Two of my favorite Flyers ever.
have you been reading my posts

seriously though i would like to see him get a crack at it. he was ok with the lightning and was in a similar situation personnel wise. if he were coach i can all but guarantee there wouldn't be any more shift off or non 60-minute efforts.

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