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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
That's not what you said, but I was only correcting your statement "from their own country" Generally only people from Europe lump the two together. Now, you being an American, (If in fact you are?) surely you are not suggesting that America is Canada and Canada is America. From the tone of your 1st post to which I responded, it sounds pretty much like you have a particular anti-Canadian bias yourself, so much so that makes me wonder, the identity of the person who opened this thread to begin with. I have my suspensions that the OP is a ghost account to stir up **** just a little. Just sayin.

Anyway, it's Hockey Day in America. "A great Day for Hockey." You know who uttered those infamous words?

This is a troll thread to begin with and should be shut down by the MODs immediately. Or else I'll go to the international forum and start a discussion on 50 years of cheating by the IIHF. I'm sure that will stir up similar debate.
I didn't know Stewart was American, but that doesn't change the point I made at all. Americans and Canadians both hated the Soviet Union for whatever reason the propaganda at the time told them to hate them for.

The Canada/World Cup was obviously a North American-biased tournament. Not sure how you could refute that.

I'd love to see your thread on "cheating" by the IIHF though, give it a shot. I'm sure it will make us North American fans continue to look fantastic on an obviously biased HFBoards.

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