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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
No, we didn't lose the O'Byrne trade. He's a depth guy who had to play a top-pairing role the minute he arrived, and he played that role well with Liles. The fact that he's a slow defenseman with no puck skill on a team that thought it was a good idea to fill the blueline up with slow defensemen with no puck skill isn't really his fault. I'm not saying he's completely blameless here, but a guy like O'Byrne is limited in his utility. It's on Avs management for not realizing that two years after trading for the guy.

In the end, the Habs "won" the trade because they were dealing from a position of strength. Avs needed size/grit on their undersized blueline in a big way, and the Habs had enough depth on defense to wait for the right deal. Nonetheless I think the trade was one of Sherman's better ones. Too bad he's done such a piss-poor job following up on it. But we didn't "lose" it.

Our depth forwards are fine, acquiring another won't make any difference. It's that top-six guy sitting at home the Avs could use.
Agreed all around. While I feel that O'Byrne is a depth player who gets way too many cudos in this forum (ala McClement), he's not an awful player, and he serves a purpose. He's a pylon, but a pylon that's often in decent position, and a pylon that's relatively physical. If the Avs could put him on the 3rd pairing where he belongs, we wouldn't have an issue, I don't think. (Though he's been a bit of a turd this season, all of that said).

Given the gross overpayments that Sherman has put forth, this trade certainly flies under the radar, IMO.

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