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02-17-2013, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
I am not a Hemsky fan but outside of him there is ZERO real experience on our top 6. I am also not a big Dubie fan and wanted Anderson the year COL signed him and we thought KHABI was the better option. I went and tore up the OMB when we chose Khabi instead of Anderson.

However now is not the time to do any of this. There are issues with Hemsky but mostly it stems from the fact that no one in our top 6 is BIG and none are defensive gems with top 6 offensive touch. IN other words Hemsky is yet another triangular peg when we would ra\ther have options... but he is the one with experience. If he is healthy, which he seems to be, than his skill and experience IN THIS LINEUP is EXTREMELY valuable.

Again, not a hemsky fan at all but he is what he is. TO send him off to get a older goaltender doesnt make sense. No knock on Anderson but if THE OILERS, and their core, are going to make trades its for a Johnny Boychuk (tough minute munching RHD), and a savvy vet bottom 6 grinder with size. If they make a move for goalie DUbs is out and the next guy is handed the next decade of oiler hockey. Think of CUJO when he came over. The oilers wont pick up a goalie for just a year or two.

I do think the Oilers will make some trades this year but it might be another month before other teams know what they are doing. Oilers SHOULD BE buyers PERIOD. Whether we are in the top 8 or out we should be looking to ppick up pieces. This is also the year where i feel we can deal our top pick to a team for an asset we like now, an asset that has shown how he can perform in the league already at the very least OR- better yet - a player that excels in a role we badly need filled.
Right now with the poise of J Schultz i would love to see J Boychuk join him on the right--even if it cost us Petry's upside in exchange.
I don't want to comment on the rest of this post, I just wanted to point out that Craig Anderson is only 31 years old. For a goalie, that's still very reasonable. Many goalies can play until their very late 30's without seeing any decline in skill or effectiveness. 31 for a goalie is like 26 or 27 for a skater.

In any case, carry on. I just wanted to address that one point.

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