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02-17-2013, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
I don't want to comment on the rest of this post, I just wanted to point out that Craig Anderson is only 31 years old. For a goalie, that's still very reasonable. Many goalies can play until their very late 30's without seeing any decline in skill or effectiveness. 31 for a goalie is like 26 or 27 for a skater.

In any case, carry on. I just wanted to address that one point.
I wasnt saying he is over the hill. He is only 31 AND much like Roli I consider him a late bloomer so he doesnt have the miles on him that some 31 year old goalies have. I just dont think he would be the guy for the Oilers.

In my mind i keep thinking that some team this season is going to toss a top goalie and we need to be ready. It happens 3 times out of 30 teams every summer, it seems. Also despite the fact i am not a fan of Dubie i would say his issues are minimal and when he controls his rebounds and is sharp in reading plays and feels the puck he is very good. On one hand i am happy to have Dubie and I am ok with the learning curve, on the other hand i would really like a smaller goalie who was just more aggressive/battler like cujo was. Cujo wouldnt just think he had a puck and search around with his glove... he would flop on that uck like diving on a grenade to protect his troops. All out all the time.

--I am hoping FLA gets its wish and grabs luongo which ties up #1 for the decade and Markstrom has got to be moved at that point.

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