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02-17-2013, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by TedTheTerror View Post
The problem is that the tickets are going to people who don't deserve them. As a canucks fan this is sickening. corporate bob who doesnt give a **** about the game isnt even enjoying the game and is sleeping.

Its too bad... the crowd can help the team win... the positive energy is contagious...
Deserve them?! Please do tell what makes someone worthy of tickets?

I keep hearing about the corporate crowd, so who in your mind is the corporate crowd. I know a couple of people with tickets in the lower bowl and I doubt they would ever be considered corporate. Heck there is a good chance that they have had tickets for longer than you have drawn a breath on this planet. Probably people that you are complaining about. They have been to a lot of games and I would doubt they would stand and yell mindlessly in the middle of a game just because some guy 3 seats over and 3 sheets to the wind wants them to.

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