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02-17-2013, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
That lineup was long term, not necessarily 2013-14.
So these moves would be spread out over a number of seasons? It certainly seemed to me that you were implying we make all these moves immediately/soon.

Throw a mountain of cash at Corey Perry. 2011-12 Florida Panthers style.
And if he says no anyway? (likely since he'll have **** and green rookies to work with)

Jay Pandolfo for $3M?

At any rate, I thought the cap floor only needed to be reached to be eligible for revenue sharing. ??
Among other things (competitive balance, job opportunities at fair wages) sure. But why is it smart business to disqualify ourselves (small market Ottawa) for revenue sharing?

I'd trade Spezza for a top 2 pick in the draft (among other things)... You seem to think Spezza is more valuable than that, am I right? Why?
Whoa there chief. You mentioned nothing about what you'd be getting in return for Spezza. I won't deny that value may be there in the right situation.

However, I also think that pure value shouldn't dictate whether or not we trade our best offensive player and one the leaders of the team.

Spezza has already established himself as an extremly productive player in this league at a premium position, is in his prime and our offense is a limp dick without him. If all you have to counter that is 'X' I think we'll lose that deal, for sure in the short term and quite possibly in the long term as well if all we get back is a future (ie. a draft pick top 2 or not).

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